Jul 4 / Ant Park

How to generate clients from the gym floor into your personal training business

How to get 46 leads, 8 enquiries and 2 new clients in one hour on the gym floor into your personal training business
How to get 46 leads, 8 enquiries and 2 new clients in one hour on the gym floor 

That’s exactly what a PT got on the gym floor that we helped from one of the simplest bits of lead generation activities you will ever do.  

Quick story, I went to a gym to do a talk on lead generation,  The reason I was asked to go into this gym is because the rent was going up, 

The PTs wasn’t happy, they said the business opportunity in that gym didn’t reflect the price they were paying, 

 They said the usual of… 

 “Everyone who wants PT already has one”  

“Everyone is on holiday or saving for a holiday so won’t have PT” 

“The gym is quiet at this time of year” 

“Cost of living” 

“I’m losing clients as it’s the lead up to summer how can the gym take more money off us when it’s off-peak season for PT” 

Now I let them vent because I have been there with that type of fixed mindset. I asked a simple question back to that, 

What do you feel you need to do to bring consistent leads and clients into your business,  

They replied,  “Get Infront of people”  “Add value”  “Build relationships and trust” I then asked how much time have they done of that in the past month?  

How many new people have they helped and therefore how many new leads have they got?  

Nobody could tell me accurately it was “about this” “about that” So, leaning into what they already told me they needed to do,

I challenged them to do just that,  Spend one hour with me  “Getting in front of people”  “Add value”  “Build relationships and trust  So, all 5 of them did,  Well 2 of them walked around like lost sheep but the other 3 got to work  

Them 2 lost sheep quickly realised they would be much more comfortable with something to talk to people about or provide value with 

One went with a survey the other was conflicted asked for my help,  

So here is how she got 46 leads, 8 enquiries and 2 new clients which ended up earning her over £3000 for one hour of in tentful work on the gym floor  

Step One – I asked her to go and get 5 pieces of different weighted equipment (KB, DB, Sandbag etc etc) 

Step two – I asked where her demographic spend most of their time and we went and put the kit in that area  

Step three – I told her to get a piece of paper for data collection of names, email and contact number  

Step four – We created a competition where she approaches her market, and they have 5 seconds to add the kit up guess the weight and every entry gets a free program and the winner gets one month worth of coaching worth £250 Step five –

She blocked time out in her diary after that one hour to personally thank each person for entering and sent the free program over email  

This resulted in 46 leads, 8 enquiries and 2 new clients, in fact the 2 new clients came from that single interaction of both saying they have been thinking of getting a PT for a while but wasn’t sure which to go too. 

The other enquiries came later of which more converted, which meant that hour of marketing was worth over £3000 for her over 3 months payments from them clients 

An easy low barrier lead magnet like that with a front-end incentive like every entry gets a program and winner gets coaching is so simple yet takes care of bringing in a volume of leads in no time  So you can stand back and think everything is against you or go and challenge your self limiting beliefs like she did 

 Up to you! 

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