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We know first hand how complex  and confusing running your own fitness business is. 

We have ran own coaching businesses for over 20 years, and mentored, trained and coach thousands of personal trainers over the last 8 years. 

The biggest things yous struggle with are;

 Generating consistent leads, enquires and conversions.
 Retaining the client you get and getting them to adhere to the program.
 What you should be focusing on and when.

Which is exactly why we have bundled together courses directly from our mentorship we have developed over the past 8 years. 

What's included and why? 

 Creating a World class client journey will give you the ability to learn how to build your client journey to a premium level. And thought out this course you will have the opportunity to get direct feedback from us.  So you'll have identified exactly what you need to improve on in all phases of the client journey.
 Mastering the Client Check in Process a fundamental tool we use int he industry to support and coach client away from the gym. Which has arguably a bigger impact than what we do inside the gym with them.
 Social media mastery for coaches. An amazing tool for both client engagement and marketing and sales. but so many coaches get overwhelmed with the process. In this course we dive into mindset, content creation, planning, and processes to set you soil media up to talk to the audience you want to talk in a way which leaves you full of energy instead of drained and conflicted.

 The Gym Floor lead generator, is one of the biggest challenges, is how to approach people in an authentic, non salesy or sleazy way. In this course we break down 4 fundamental easy steps to build your confidence and help you maximise the leads that are right in front of you everyday.

 The "Giveaway" campaign course, shows one of many campaign you can run to bring a huge amount of targeted leads, how to re-market to those leads in a quick and time efficient way without discounting, or. feeling like you're having to push people into your business.   


What's included?  

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kind words by students

What some our coaches have to say

I've just completed a short free course with these guys, and if the level of value and 1-1 feedback is excellent. 

With only 1 week of their time, training, and feedback I reckon I can go away and spend a couple of months making my clients journeys a million times better and increasing the value of my products and ultimately saving time and increasing income, without compromising the elements of the business and service that I enjoy and value (a key part the guys took on board with their VERY PERSONALISED feedback)

Very impressed!
They helped me build my business from nothing in a Commercial Gym, to being ready for rent in 6 months and then into a private studio all in my first year as a PT! 
What they’ve built is incredible, every resource and lesson you would ever need to track, run and build a successful business, with accountability and support to go with it. 

In an industry where you can feel like people have an ulterior motive or just want your money, these are the good guys, they only ever want to see you win. Plus the community is so supportive and I’m grateful to get to learn from other coaches who are a few steps ahead of me 😊 
I have been with the PTMA for 1 year. In that time I have doubled my sales.
Having had previous fitness mentors Nik & Ant provide a different level of service and care.
Their advice is personalised to you and your business and I cannot recommend them enough

The Ultimate PT fitness business Kickstart Bundle

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